The Center for Environmental Futures

The Center for Environmental Futures–Environmental Humanities, Justice, and Culture at the University of Oregon has won a 600K award from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to help foster work across the campus, building on UO’s reputation as a preeminent institution to do environmental issues. Click here for up-to-date CEF events.

I am proud to have been involved with the efforts to establish CEF, under the leadership of Stephanie LeMenager, the Barbara and Carlisle Moore Professor of English and Environmental Studies, and Marsha Weisiger, the Julie and Rocky Dixon Chair of U.S. Western History (and many other incredible scholars across campus!).

Find out more in the newsletter! A remarkable presentation from Carla Bengston, the head of the Art department at UO, centered on nonhuman actors intervening in the nature/culture divide. My current favorite is S.C.O.L.D.: Species Calling Out Climate Change Deniers – a project that trains crows to recognize and scold climate change deniers, and communicate to other crows to do the same!



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